Lone Worker Security

Connexion2 helps organisations to protect lone workers in the UK and internationally.
Whether it's through device based solutions, effective policy creation or bespoke training, we help organisations consider and reduce physical risks to staff and financial risks and associated costs to the business.

ACPO - Secured by DesignNSI_Silver_Cert_logo_small_BLACK.jpgConnexion2 is approved through audit against BS8484 the British Standard for Lone Worker Device Services. 

Identicom 8 Series available now!

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Why lone worker

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There are a lot of lone worker protection providers out there, so why talk to Connexion2?

Find out more about our history and how Identicom was developed, see our accreditations and why we can help you -  whether you're a solutions provider, a manager or a front line lone worker.

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Lone workers face a range of risks and challenges and need a solution that is tailored for the risks they encounter.

Learn more about how many UK lone workers there are, changes to the sector, new legislation and about risk types and frequencies.

Is your current security solution fit for purpose?

Do you work in a specialised job role or sector?

Whether you face physical attack, verbal abuse or environmental risk, regularly or infrequently, the chances are we've helped someone doing something similar.

See some recent case studies for how our lone worker safety products and solutions can help make the difference to you.

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