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Connexion2 supply award-winning Identicom to CCG Housing Association

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How to raise an alarm if working alone?

Raising the alarm if you need assistance:

A dedicated lone worker device like Identicom offers more comprehensive protection to a user than a standard 'Panic Alarm'. Whilst Panic Alarms may offer a user some level of reassurance, many are designed primarily to make noise above anything else. Any alarm should only be valued as much as the response it can elicit however.

If you spend periods of your working day 'outside close or direct supervision', you are classed as a lone worker by the HSE (Health and Safety Exectutive). If your personal safety is compromised and you need to raise an alarm you can use Identicom - an easy to wear and discreet to use communication device that is uniquely styled as an identity card holder. Unlike a typical panic alarm, Identicom is more sophisticated and is designed to get you a qualified and appropriate response should you need assistance.


Identicom contains mobile phone technology (GSM) and allows a user to connect to a 24/7 Monitoring Centre at the push of a button on the rear of the device. This allows a live audio link to the user, it facilitates recording of audio captured by the device and also helps an operator assess and escalate the situation appropriately to get the best response for the user. Please note, this includes all Emergency Services if appropriate. These are all features that are far beyond the capabilities of standard panic alarms. Identicom can be supplied as part of a BS8484 approved lone worker solution which allows an emergency escalation one level higher than a 999 call if appropriate - currently the most effective way to escalate a lone worker alarm in the U.K. currently. 

Connexion2 supply Identicom as part of a fully managed solution including SIM Card and network usage, 24/7 monitoring and training for as little as £15.95 per month.

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Lone Worker using Identicom   Lone Worker using Identicom Lone Worker using Identicom  Lone Worker using Identicom 


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