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Why Identicom?

The Identicom lone worker device is a unique and dedicated device which is the most widely used lone worker device in the UK, with a growing international presence, Identicom is helping lone workers reduce risks to their personal safety and increase productivity all over the world.

Safety through innovation - 135,000 Identicom devices in use worldwide 

The market leading Identicom lone worker device is the most widely used dedicated device of its kind in the United Kingdom. Identicom is used by a wide-range of lone workers to reduce risks to their personal safety as they go about their daily working lives.

Manufactured and supplied by Connexion2, Identicom is uniquely styled as an Identity card holder, making it easy to wear and discreet to use by any lone worker on the receiving end of verbal abuse or attack.

At the push of a discreet button, the mobile communications device will make an audio call to a 24/7 monitoring Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) through GSM technology, where any unfolding events can be assessed, recorded and an appropriate response taken.

Identicom was introduced to market orginally in 2003 and is the brainchild of Managing Director and founder of Connexion2, Craig Swallow.  While attending a Suzy Lamplugh Trust in 2002, Craig surveyed a room of people engrossed in lone worker safety, all of whom were wearing identity badges as part of entry to the show. It struck him that a mobile communications device with a discreet form-factor such as this would be a useful device for use by lone workers.

The key principles behind the product's development was to deliver a quality product that would form a central part of a robust and effective lone worker solution.

A major step in the life of the business was to introduce the device and its potential to the NHS (the employer with the largest number of lone workers in the UK) and work closely with their internal security team while conducting device trials.

In 2005, Health Secretary John Reid appeared on national news holding an Identicom device stating that lone workers in the NHS should have access to the device to improve their safety. Within the next 12 months, the device was selected as the key, dedicated lone worker device to be included on the national, public sector, lone worker framework agreement. This enabled tens of thousands of public sector lone workers to be supplied with Identicom.

Since then Identicom has gone from strength to strength with innovative and updated technology solutions including features such as 'Man Down' function and GPS to minimise environmental risk to lone workers. 

These functions allow remote or isolated workers at potential risk of slips, trips or falls the additional reassurance should they become incapacitated.

In 2007 Connexion2's own direct to market brand SoloProtect was launched in the UK and Identicom is available as part of a fully-managed SoloProtect solution for staff. 

It is now the leading provider of lone worker systems in the UK in both the public and private sectors, with more private sector employees increasingly become aware of lone worker safety and its importance as part of an organisation's health and safety policy. 

Benefits of the Identicom lone worker device:

  • Peace of mind for a lone worker. 
  • The only lone worker device to feature the unique product form of an identity card-holder.
  • Identicom is discreet to use - a worker doesn't have to overtly reach into their pocket or bag, and can use the device without breaking eye contact with an aggressor. 
  • Easy to wear and discreet to use.
  • Significantly reduces financial risk to a business or its brand value and helps an employer meet their legal duty of care to staff.
  • BS8484 accredited and awarded Secured By Design status by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). 

Functions of Identicom;

  • Can capture verbal abuse and threatening behaviour during a 'Red Alert.'  
  • 24/7 monitoring from an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC).
  • Two-way audio on automatic 'Man Down' alerts.
  • GPS functionailty. 
  • Status check function.
  • Amber Alert function. 

What to look for in a lone worker solution - BS8484 accreditation

BS8484 is the British Standard for Lone Worker Devices.

The standard, which is approved by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) is the benchmark for credible lone worker solutions in the UK. Identicom was the first dedicated lone worker device to be awarded 'Secured by Design' status by ACPO.

The Identicom lone worker device is BS8484 accredited, with the company Connexion2 approved against the standard by audit. Identicom is manufactured in Britain and is proud to support the 'Made in Britain' campaign.

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